Oxbow Adventure Site

RDA Consulting is currently working with Oxbow Adventure Co. to create Central Otago’s newest adventure park.

The site will house jet sprint boats, 4wd extreme off road vehicles and claybird shooting.

RDA Consulting has been working with oxbow Adventure Co. to design the 1 ha circuit race lake for the jet sprint boats and advice for the site wastewater system design.

Cone Penetration Testing

In 2019 MBIE updated the building code to include guidance that requires the assessment for ‘good ground’ under NZS3604:2011 to include liquefaction and lateral spreading. For this site, liquefaction was identified as a potential hazard during our standard Bearing Capacity assessment testing (even though the local hazard maps indicated no risk).

So from this we arranged for Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) to be conducted to satisfy the assessment criteria. A CPT Rig was contracted from Dunedin to conduct deep liquefaction testing, to a depth of 15 m and we were able to gain the required information.

We used this occasion to provide a learning opportunity in our community, and members of the Southland District Council, Invercargill City Council and engineering students from the Southern Institute of Technology were invited to join us to watch the CPT rig in action and discuss the MBIE changes and likely outcomes for this testing.